125cc 2018 Venom x19R Super Pocket Bike

Ride Motorsports Pro

The x19R Super Pocket Bike is back with an all new design. Not only does it have a new design with an EXTENDED SWING ARM but also a new more powerful Honda Based 125cc 4 speed engine! LED headlights come standard along with an LED brake light and turn signals. The x19R Super Pocket bike for sale comes with 12'' inch rims for better handling and comfort while on your drive. Matched with a digital speedometer to display your speed, RPM's, millage and fuel, the x19R super pocket bike makes it the best mid size street legal bike. When you sit on the all new 2018 x19R you notice the red leather stitching on the leather seat and the beautiful finish of the paint. The x19R street legal motorcycle for sale is available in Red, White, Grey, and Black. Looking at the left handle bar you will notice the nice upgraded hand grips where you will find your High/low beams button, turn signals, horn, and the choke open/close lever.  On the right handle bar you have your kill switch button and your electric start that starts the bike with a push of a button. Your side view mirrors are also mounted on the left and right side hand grips for ease of visibility while zipping through traffic. After the bike is started you will right away get taken away by the sound of the upgraded performance exhaust. Has a beautifully bubbling sound that will start popping when your idling or revving. The x19R's max RPM is 8500!! Really fast bike for its size. Its top speed is 75mph. The x19R super pocket bike also comes upgraded with an EXTENDED SWING ARM that make it really easy to drift when your looking to have some extra fun while also giving it a stylish finish! 

12" Rims
20" Tire Size
Front: 120/70-12
Rear: 130/70-12
Electric Start
Handlebar Width: 28"
2 Seater
Gas Tank Size: 2.64 Galons
Top Speed 75mph (Depending on Rider Weight)
 Front & Rear Hydraulic  Disc Brakes
125cc 4 Stroke Motor
Length: 73.2"
Width: 28"
Height: 41.3"
Seat Height: 28.4"
Key Ignition
LED Turn Signal Lights & Brakes
Super Bright Halogen Headlights