1) Will not start with the key

Problem – Will not start, the engine will not turn over at all-no noise when starting: when you try to start it with the key, there is no noise at all. The engine will not even try to start. You get nothing when you turn the key.


NOTE: Checking to see if you have spark should be the first thing you do if steps 1-7 do not solve the problem. If you are not getting spark check/change plug, if that is not it then check to see if there is power coming from the coil. If there is not, keep tracing back until you find the source of the problem, which you have probably figured out is electrical.

2) Will not start with the key but the engine turns over

3) Runs for only a few minutes or for only a few feet

4) Rear axle looks bent?

5) Gas is spilling onto the ground from the Carburetor