1) Where are the pickup terminals?

Please click the following link to view all Pickup Terminals for FREE shipping:




2) Will the bike be shipped to my home?

Yes, please choose "Residential Home Delivery" option at checkout for delivery directly to your home with a scheduled appointment with the shipping carrier.


3) What if I am not home when the bike arrives for delivery?

No need to worry, the shipping carrier will call you 1-2 days before arriving to your home and schedule a delivery appointment if chosen the "Residential Home Delivery" option.


4) Do the bikes comes with any warranty?

Yes, all bikes and ATVs purchased from us at Venom Motorsports come with a 6-months parts replacements warranty. This is completely FREE of charge because you are ordering with us here at Venom Motorsports.

We also do have an option to extend this warranty for 1 (one) full year at an additional cost. Please ask your sales rep for more details.

We recommend taking your bike to a local mechanic and having a licensed mechanic install this kit for you as this will not void your warranty (proof of invoice will be required for warranty purposes).


5) How does layaway work?

We make layaway as simple as possible for our customers. It only takes $100 to start. You choose the bike you like, and we set it aside for you. You may make payments at your own pace. Once the bike is fully paid off, we ship it out to you.


6) How long do I have to pay off my layaway account?

You have 10 months to pay off your layaway. If paid off within 10 months, this service was completely free and no interest charges. Should you need longer than 10 months, we do have a charge of $69 to extend for another 3 months.

We do not put a schedule on you, you may make payments at your own pace. As long as you have it paid off within 10 months, we do not charge you a penny for layaway. 

7) How do I make another payment towards my layaway?

Very simple! We make it as easy as possible for you. Once you make your first payment, an account is open for you under your email address. Each time you make a payment, please be sure to use the same email address and your payments will pile in your account

8) Does the $100 deposit I put on layaway to reserve my bike go towards the balance of the bike?

Yes! The first payment of $100 you make will count towards the purchase of your bike.


9) Are your bikes street legal?

Yes, most of the Super Pocket Bikes we sell are street legal. All our street legal bikes will arrive with the MCO (title) and Bill Of Sale with your purchase included FREE of charge. 


10) Do I need a motorcycle license to ride my bike?

In most states, any moped/scooter below 50cc does NOT require a motorcycle license to operate. 

Anything above 50cc will require you to have a motorcycle license to register

You will need to contact your local DMV for more information on this and Venom Motorsports is not held liable for any registration issues/errors.


 I just placed my order. When will I receive my tracking number?

You will receive a tracking number right to your email within 24-48 working hours. All orders placed before 3 pm central time will be processed the same business day. Orders placed after will be shipped the following business day.


 How long does delivery take after my order ships out?

Shipping typically takes anywhere from 2-7 working days depending on where you are located. States far south such as California, Texas, Florida, etc will take 5-7 business days. States in the middle such as North Carolina, Colorado, Kansas, etc will take 3-5 business days. States up north such as New York, New Jersey, Michigan, Wisconsin will take 2-4 business days


11) Is my shipment secure and insured?

We fully insure each order all the way to you. That means that when your order is in transit to you, shipment is always risk-free. We urge all customers to inspect your package for damage or tampering before receiving or signing. 


12) What should I do on the day of delivery?

As the carrier is dropping off your new bike for delivery before you sign for it please go over the bike and inspect it and make sure everything you ordered is being delivered. If there are rips in the box it does not mean your bike is damaged. Rips happen during shipping and it is normal. Your bike is fully crated on metal to protect it during shipping. If you are worried there might be damages please have the driver mark possible damages on the shipping label before you sign off on it.


13) My bike has some scratches or damages. What do I do?

You have 48 hours to report any visible damage to the unit and take pictures while it is still crated. We must receive pictures via e-mail along with the Vin # and model #. Pictures should include pictures of the unit as well as of the box. These will be replaced at no charge and will be sent with registered mail. Failure to do so will result in the customer paying the shipping cost. 


14) I bought something from you, but the price has since dropped, can I get the difference back?

If the regular price of a product drops, you have a 30 day grace period to price match. Please note, this does not include any promotions or pricing which require a coupon code to trigger the lower price. This is solely off regular priced items.


15) I ordered a bike, when will I receive my MCO and Bill of Sale.

Your MCO and Bill of Sale will arrive in a separate envelope through regular mail, free of charge. This option takes 4-6 days once the bike has shipped. You do have the option for express shipping at a cost of $29.95 if requested.


16) I've lost my MCO and Bill of Sale

If you have lost your MCO and Bill of Sale, replacements can be sent at a fee of $129.95. This will be sent out via regular mail but can be expedited for a fee of $29.95.


17) My bike arrived with damage, what do I do?

If your bike arrived with damage, you have 48 hours after receiving delivery to send us photos of the damage. These will be replaced at no charge and will be sent with registered mail.


18) I want to exchange my order, what do I do?

To exchange a product, you will need to arrange for shipping back to our warehouse. Once we authorize it, we will provide you with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) that will need to be visible on the box. Once we receive the shipment, we will dispatch the new package out to you. Please note; there is a 15% restocking fee on the original purchase price.


19) I'd like to return my purchase

To return a product, you will need to arrange for shipping back to our warehouse at your expense. Once we authorize it, we will provide you with an RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) that will need to be visible on the box. All returns must be in their original packaging. All returns are subject to a 30% restocking fee.  Please Note: All sales on gas products which have been used are final as freight carriers will not ship motorized products that have had gas in them.


20) I received a customs invoice for a part, what do I do?

Due to certain products being imported from overseas, small items may be charged a customs fee from the shipping company. This will be the responsibility of the customer to pay. For more information on if you will receive a customs charge, please give us a call and ask. 


21) The tracking information on my package hasn't updated in a while, what do I do?

As most shipments are quite large, they will be shipped out via a freight carrier. Once sent out, it may take up to 48 hours for shipping information to become available on the site. For additional information, you can contact the shipping carrier and provide them with your Tracking or PRO # for additional information.


22) I've started a layaway, but I'd like to cancel it.

All layaways are non-refundable. We can, however, offer to change the product which was originally selected if that is more suitable. 


23) I notice the price changed from when I started my Layaway, what do I do?

If you start a layaway and the price of the product goes up since you began, you will still pay the original price. Also, if the price happens to drop, you will still be expected to pay the original price.


24) Do you ship to Hawaii or internationally?

Yes we do offer shipments to Hawaii.